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Trent Robinson has revealed why he sought advice from the man nicknamed "The Coach Whisperer". Bradley Charles Stubbs has worked with a number of coaches in the game including the reigning Premiers.

Stubbs was back in the news after it emerged, he had been working with Queensland Maroons coach Kevvie Walters.

Speaking on NRL 360, Robinson said: “That’s the privacy of the coach, the information or the probing or prodding that he allows on what he sees. He’s intense in what he believes and thinks.

“He offers that information and you pick and choose how you want to use it. It’s just another tool to give you a one percenter in different areas.

“I don’t want to go into it too much because it is the edge, that’s the edge that you look for. It’s those tiny little things that he sees and that’s the edge you’re looking for.”



Bradley Charles Stubbs, The Coach Whisperer has struck again. Although, I can make an argument he should be Bradley Charles Stubbs the Time Traveler. If you are fortunate to cross paths with Charles & talk with him & truly open up your mind & listen, it’s then he works his magic. Even guys like me, a retired NFL player of 12 years. I say time traveler because he talks, thinks & opens up his mind & explains things in a way I’ve never heard before. His passion is unmatched & if he believes for a second you aren’t all in, he will shut it down and walk away. Need to remember, he’s doing you the favour. You want life changing advice, you want to change the course of your journey, you want to win championships, you need to listen. Again, he’s doing you the favour.. In only 3 conversations (some long ass conversations) he has changed the way I think, act & view the world. He has redirected my business HVY Sleeves in such a way, I can’t possibly repay him. If I’m lucky, he will be a friend for life. He’s a winner who has an unorthodox way of creating a playbook just for you.. I recommend Bradley Charles Stubbs to anyone who wants the best out of his/her life.. Remember, he’s doing you the favor. If you are lucky enough to cross paths with him make sure you listen. Won’t get another chance.

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"Bradley has come across something not many people truly understand or comprehend. The people that open their minds to it and listen will get something incredible and so very special out of it.
Truly inspiring!"

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"I have engaged Bradley Charles Stubbs as my personal and professional mentor, as the Head Coach of Sydney FC, since August 2016. 


Bradley worked closely alongside me to enhance my thinking and teach me techniques to maximise my performance as a Coach. His programmes are 100% unique and whilst I don't understand exactly how he does all that he does, his ability to see things before they happen is profound. 


Bradley has changed me as a man. He has given me a level of self-belief, satisfaction and enjoyment with my job that I have never experienced before and results that are great, to the level of history making. His mentorship has not only instilled confidence and pride within me but has also alleviated stress related medical symptoms. I am very grateful for his help. 


Bradley's integrity and commitment to me is unprecedented. 


I would, without hesitation, be proud to recommend Bradley as a mentor for those in the sporting area, education or corporate fields."



"I believe 201%. Since meeting you, I understand more about what belief actually is and I am prepared to go there”

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"Bradley understands the mental side of rugby outstandingly well and provided excellent advice.


He is passionate, driven and reliable, and a delight to work with. I recommend Bradley highly”

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"I’ve had the honour of speaking with Bradley since mid last year and what Bradley has taught me is priceless.

I first spoke to Bradley when I was struggling with my form on the pitch and it was effecting me mentally. Bradley has taught me how to re-wire my brain with self talk and actions. He has taught me how to play at the top level and what I need to do because it all comes down to me. If it wasn’t for Bradley, I wouldn’t have learnt about the 1 percenters needed to become a high level athlete. 

I’m now about to travel across the world to trial with MLS teams in North America and I couldn’t thank Bradley enough for preparing me and helping me get into the right mindset. 

I’ll be trialling at 3 clubs and I look forward to getting offers from all 3."



"Bradley is amazing. We got instant results which is a big statement to make. But Bradley’s gift to reach deep into your mind during one presentation creates an instant energy shift, and the actions our team take immediately after a Bradley presentation are filled with high energy and empathy creating momentum and results that vibrate through our entire business.
We have never had a guest speaker come back after an initial talk, with Bradley, we invite him in at least once a year. And we are grateful he makes time for us. It’s extraordinary."
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We invited Bradley Charles Stubbs to speak to our company in May 2022 at our annual company review day. We did not know what to expect from Bradley, all we knew was that Bradley Charles Stubbs was the “Coach Whisperer”. By the end of Bradley’s presentation to our group – we all knew who he was, and we all know that we will never forget his presentation.


For more than 50 years I have enjoyed hearing some of the very best speakers and presenters from all over the world. None of those speakers has made the sort of impact that Bradley has.


It was not just me that was positively impacted by Bradley – it was the whole group. Since the day that we had Bradley speak to us, the positive impact can be measured by several metrics including increased sales and improved income.


Bradley’s stories (and his delivery) are mesmerising. He almost hypnotises the audience when he speaks – and when he speaks it is genuine, powerful, and unique. His honest and real approach is inspiring and challenging, and he sees truth and integrity as being critical to the way that we behave and conduct business. So powerful and unique in our modern world.


If you want success and positivity, Bradley Charles Stubbs is for you.



I work in a very niche industry and I was doubtful that anyone without specific knowledge in my industry could help. I had two sessions with Bradley before moving overseas and within only two sessions I uncovered treasures of knowledge that I had not learnt in 20 years of working within my industry.





I read about Bradley in the paper, back in 2018 – after having incredible success with the Roosters.


I remember calling him and asking if he could do what he did in sport, for our business ? He thought about it and quickly concluded confidently that he was able. 


Bradley came in and did an intensive training with my team which led to a total mindset change and freed the team of limiting beliefs. 


He is a master at Belief Science and the results are undeniable. 


There has been no greater return on investment in the 12 years we have operated. 


If you’re considering engaging Bradley, stop. Do it now ! Thank me later. 


NEAL BAIRD NJB Consultancy Pty Ltd

Bradley Charles Stubbs shares insights that move the needle in all areas of business life and personal life. We met through sport and my love of the Sydney Roosters which drew us to a first meeting that has now grown to a friendship with Cathy, and his family also. Business or sport mentoring you need him as part of your team.

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“TopX Australia had Bradley Charles Stubbs,  a.k.a. The Coach Whisperer, as guest trainer for our national conference in October 2018. Our FY18/19 business turnover was up by 42% by July 2019 – did it make a difference? Join the dots.”

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I engaged Bradley Charles and Cathy Stubbs, from Expect to Win, in early 2021 to undertake a leadership program with my new Executive Team


It quickly became clear that we were getting more than we bargained for. Bradley and Cathy quickly broke down the barriers so that a group of relative strangers became close, honest and aligned in our vision and energy. We came to speak and understand the same language and this brought a level of success and positivity never experienced in the workplace previously.

In addition to their area of expertise, Bradley and Cathy are warm and caring individuals who are genuinely interested and invested in the success of each individual.

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"I wanted to let you know personally what you have done for the team and also myself, your “Expect to Win” attitude has bought the best out of me as a coach and also for our players who have improved since you started working with the side.


The team now has the world’s number 1 ODI bowler and two players ranked in the top 10 in T20 cricket, along with a 3-0 series win against Bangladesh which included a world record that we are proud of, bowling Bangladesh out for just 30.


Your passion and encouragement for me to keep doing what I am doing everyday under circumstances that sometimes are very tough is something that as a coach I will always be forever grateful.


I know that whatever team or coach you work with will be a much better team and a far better coach.


Thank-you and Cathy for all that you do for the Pakistan Women’s Cricket team."



Hey Bradley,

I'm a facebook friend of yours, and a few of my old surfing mates know you, and speak highly of you. (Im an eastern suburbs boy...Clovelly originally) I wanted to let you know, and thank you. Your mantra "Expect To Win..Done Done Done" has helped me sidestep drug dependancy.

In recent times, I've experienced a few hiccups, and delved into the drug crystal meth (ice). The more I had it, the more dependent I became. I knew I was heading down a dangerous path.

I would have a binge for a couple of days at a time, then "dry out" for a week to recover. After a week getting over it, I would feel "normal" again. But I would want it again. And I kept succumbing to it. 

But here's the thing...and this is where your mantra helped.

After a few days away from the effects of the drug, when you feel "normal", your body doesn't ache for it. It's your MIND that does.
Heroin addicts report painful, physical withdrawals. Sweats, shakes, name it. It's a form of physical pain.
Alcoholics get the "DTs".
Those affected by overuse of painkillers...same thing.

Not crystal meth. You may crave it a day or two after, when you are "coming down", but if you can survive that, you return to a state of normality, and there is no physical craving.

But the high is that intense, it's your MIND that readily remembers that high. And my mind was weak, and ill disciplined.

But I remembered your mantra. I adjusted it to suit my predicament. I "tricked" my mind positively.

I developed a mindset that I would be drug free.
I was working in the fitness industry (still am), and that assisted me too.

Your mantra assisted my mindset. I noticed that it was my WEAK MIND that kept leading me back to delving into the drug again.
So I just had a strengthen my mind. "Trick" it positively.


I'ts amazing how a notoriously dangerous, addictive drug like ice can be conquered, with the right mindset. 

Your mantra helped.

Please keep this private. No one knows of the problem I had. I know you would not publicly mention my name or anything. 

But from one facebook friend to another, I wanted to thank you Bradley. Your mantra reminded me that a strong mind can conquer major problems, like the one I had.

Drug free. Done done done.

Thanks mate.

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