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Even the most successful CEO’s benefit from advice and mentoring. Everyone at some time, has a need for support and advice from others.

Business coaching is a multi-million-dollar business with numerous organisations competing for business. Most operate within the same space focusing on the organisations and the structures within those organisations.

The service that I provide is very different. I am retained by the management of the organisation to improve their performance in their role, not to change their role. For Directors to be successful they require support to improve their ability to lead and to secure the results their organisations deserve.

I assist business leaders to take the next step up their ladder. This may involve growing their organisation or simply their profit margins. It can sometimes be as simple as giving them the edge over other candidates for a top role or to enable them to take their workforce with them on the next step of their leadership journey.

I designed the exclusive Expect to Win program to drive the Drivers, lead the Leaders, coach the Coaches and mentor the Mentors. It’s about results. 


This program can be implemented in many arenas including sport, corporate boardrooms and personal lives. I use unique techniques developed through his study of the mechanics of the brain, and neuroscience, as well as my own life experience which gave me the unique ability to develop programs that not only apply, but maximise, the natural workings of the brain to one’s benefit.


In sport, it’s about creating a winning culture, as it is in the boardroom and in life. The Expect to Win programmes are about teaching people how to win. For example, this winning culture will bring success in the sporting arena which in turn brings in corporate sponsorship, more fans and overall increases the bottom line. In the boardroom it is not dissimilar; creating a positive working environment, winning new clients and bringing up the bottom line.


Conor McGregor UFC Fighter explains some of what Bradley teaches well, after his past success in the UFC. When asked how he did it, at that time, the 27-year Irishman talked about visualization, projection, and finally, actualization.


"If you can see it here, and you have the courage enough to speak it, it will happen," McGregor said. "So, I see his shots. I see his sequences. And I don't shy away from them. A lot of times people believe in seeing things but they keep it to themselves. They don't put it out there. You truly believe it if you become vocal with it. It actually will become reality."


Belief is the fundamental foundation that will evolve into success through leadership. I refer to it as “believership”.

I have been studying people and working my craft for over 40 years. It's a science based on physics; energy which affects the subconscious mind.

For those who benefit directly from the financial performance of their organisation, I can deliver results and improve their personal financial return.

If you are serious about securing results and expect to win, consider it done.


Bradley's 45-60 minute presentation will inspire, challenge, motivate and educate and then give you the opportunity to understand, get to know and question Bradley Charles Stubbs, "The Coach Whisperer". 

Bradley's personal story in itself will inspire and encourage everyone. His challenges from dreams, success, through physical barriers of mental health and fear, and his consequential drive, determination and unprecedented success will encourage everyone to a level of belief yet untapped.   

From being told he would never work again, to mentoring some of the world's biggest coaches on a global scale, through dogged determination and self belief is all inspiring.


He tells funny anecdotes relating to his clients such as, NRL Coach Michael Maguire of the South Sydney Rabbitohs, Wallabies coach, Michael Cheika, Eddie Jones, Coach of England Rugby, NRL Roosters Coach, Trent Robinson and Socceroos Coach, Graham Arnold. 

Bradley educates on how his knowledge of neuroscience enables him to transform the thinking of not only coaches and athletes, but also corporate executives, teachers and individuals to great success and improved health.


He discusses his unique, and exclusive, “Expect to Win” program relevant to any corporation, boardroom or classroom as well as his work in the medical field, over the past 5 years. This program is not only unprecedented but revolutionary, as are his results across many fields.  


You will have many take-aways from his presentation, none the least being, inspiration, and belief that all things are possible.


This is a rare opportunity to learn from, be inspired by and question "The Coach Whisperer". 

If you are serious about securing results and expect to win, consider it done.


Even those who are not interested in sport, will recognise the revenue involved in sport. In the modern era, the value of a particular team or organisation, can fluctuate significantly based on its success in a particular competition or its lack of success over recent season. The miskick of the ball, the mistiming of the tackle or the failure to make a key putt in a tournament, can have disastrous financial consequences for a team and its sponsors.

For those teams whose names are synonymous with success, the failure to qualify for a tournament or to perform well in a tournament, can be catastrophic. The expectations of the fan base and sponsors of the elite teams are higher than ever and poor results over one season can cause irreparable damage to their brand.

Those individuals who own, manage or coach such teams appreciate the small margin between success and failure at this level, and the consequences of such failure for their own reputation and position.

That is why many organisations in national and international sport have turned to my consultancy services to give their coaches the edge. The case studies demonstrate the clients with whom I have worked and the results that I have achieved. It is from these results, that I have been nicknamed "the Coach Whisperer".

My programs have turned teams struggling for success into world beaters. Coaches that have worked with me have gone on to unprecedented success. National teams with tarnished reputations have once again been able to delight their fans.

The consultancy services that I provide are bespoke and tailored to the specific client and their goals. They are applicable to all sports and all competitions.

I work with the coaching staff and/or individual team members to restore and maintain that winning mentality and precious results.

For those organisations where success or failure can be valued in millions of dollars, I can help achieve that success and provide the cutting-edge that teams often require.

If you are serious about securing results and expect to win, consider it done.


No professional sportsmen or athlete remains at the top of the game for the duration of their career. With even the best there are peaks and troughs in form and results. The priority is ensuring that the peak form becomes the norm and when there are dips in form, it is days not weeks.

For a professional sportsman, poor performance can result in either the failure to win an expected trophy or an omission from a first-team squad. As well as the psychological disappointment of failure, the loss of potential sponsorship earnings, transfer fees or wages, can have a longer term effect that lasts for a number of seasons.

I have worked with professional athletes and fully understand the pressures they are under. I work closely with that athlete and their management to restore confidence and their ability to compete at the top level. I get them winning again.

I offer a range of bespoke consultancy services to professional and semi-professional sportsmen and women, all of which are tailored to overcome their specific difficulties and meet their aspirations and targets.

If a player wishes to win a specific competition, I provide the support and edge to win that competition.

If a sportsman wishes to improve on their performance levels either for personal satisfaction or to position themselves for contract renegotiation, I deliver those increased performance levels.

If an athlete has been injured and is attempting to return from injury, I support that return and help to minimise any delay in finding top form.

If you own a team or manage an organisation, I work with your team members to maximise the performance levels they can achieve and to bring success.

If you are serious about securing results and expect to win, consider it done.


The exclusive Expect to Win Teacher Mentoring Program is designed to & proven to:


1. Increase retention & promotion amongst teachers

2. Increase engagement with students

3. Target improvements in student performance with great results

The 3-month program is about creating a winning culture, as it is in the boardroom and in life. In the classroom it is not dissimilar; creating a positive working environment, maximising engagement with the students and bringing up the bottom line of measured assessments.

We have enjoyed great success previously with the improvement of, such things as, literacy levels, evidenced through Queensland Government standardized testing.

If you are serious about securing results and expect to win, consider it done.

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Done. Done. Done.

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