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NJB Consultancy Pty Ltd

We received an email from a businessman. After meeting him, we found out that the reason he sent us the email was because he told his best mate that he was looking for a mentor and he was thinking of reaching out to ‘The Coach Whisperer’. His mate said, “you won’t do that”. So, he did!


He became a client of ours, affording us the opportunity to delve deeper into the intricacies of his business. Within the upcoming 12 months, his aspiration was to successfully execute 1 - 2 projects, poised to generate a turnover ranging from $2 to $5 million. Additionally, he required approximately $5 million in capital to kickstart these projects.


I told him, I would work alongside him as his mentor BUT together we would do 100 projects in the next five years, and I would hold him accountable to the new goal. He went white! The vision was created.


I told him that he was to tell everyone he spoke to, at every meeting he had, about the vision of 100 projects in the next five years. The seeds were sown.


Now – to build the Army. When I started working alongside him, he had two people in his staff, himself and one other. He now has 52. Building an Army is finding people, who see the vision, and buy into being a part of it. They see a future for themselves and their family. They come to be a part of something that is bigger than themselves. Whilst we build the Army, we start their process of selling a vision, sowing the seeds, and building the army to set up the future for their family. This builds loyalty and a vested interest in growing the initial company and vision.


With each seed we sowed, they took root and spread. An ever-increasing number of individuals embraced the vision, vocalised it, and thus, the organic growth of the business commenced.


As of January 2024, following three and a half years of collaborative effort, we have successfully concluded projects valued at $40.65 million. We have an additional $32.2 million worth of projects either underway or on the brink of commencement, with a further $46.4 million worth still in the pipeline.

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