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The Coach Whisperer has done it again. Now he’s setting his sights on the NFL

Updated: Oct 29, 2022




He’s helped the Sydney Roosters become the first NRL team in 26 years to defend a premiership, now the coach whisperer has set his sights on the NFL.

Roosters coach Trent Robinson revealed in the lead-up to Sunday’s grand final triumph that he had sought out Bradley Charles Stubbs during the finals series.

So it was no surprise that Stubbs was part of the celebrations in the dressing sheds after the game, congratulating all the players and coaching staff.

“I’m proud of Trent, (chairman) Nick Politis, the board, all his staff, all the supporters,” Stubbs told AAP.

“I think there’s probably 150-250 people that have all been together to make this happen. And with all the supporters, the Roosters have now done two in a row.

“I’m just a one percenter guy, that’s all I am.”

Much had been made all year about Robinson’s approach to their premiership defence, refusing to use the term ‘back-to-back’ in their chase for another title.

And it seemed to have worked, with the Roosters becoming the first side since Brisbane in 1992-93 to claim consecutive trophies.

Stubbs, who began working with Robinson midway through last year, said it was a philosophy they had often discussed through most of the season.

“I started working with him after round six last year,” Stubbs said.

“People ask me what I do, and what I do is reprogram the subconscious mind that floods endorphins to the brain and that triggers proteins to the brain.

“In turn, that gets the greatest performance out of anyone in being whatever they want to achieve. I tell people that. (But) I just sit in my hidey hole.

“He’s a very smart man, Robbo. As he said in his press conference the other day, ‘If you don’t grow, where do you go?’”

It is not the first time Stubbs has enjoyed success with sporting coaches, having also been in the ear of former Sydney FC coach Graham Arnold in recent years.

In that time, the Sky Blues became the first and only side so far in A-League history to claim back-to-back Premiers Plates.

But now Stubbs is eyeing a fresh challenge.

“I did go back-to-back with Graham Arnold for two premiers plates. And in two weeks I’m off to the States to talk to some NFL clubs,” he said.

Asked whether he was looking to join the New England Patriots, Stubbs said: “I’m just going to win the Super Bowl. You’ll have to wait and see."

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