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Coach Whisperer: ‘My voice brings patients back from brink of death’




He’s known as ‘The Coach Whisperer’ for his work with sporting teams, but now the mysterious Gold Coast motivational guru says he has moved into the medical world and claims his voice recordings are bringing seriously ill people back to good health.

Picture: John Gass

The self-styled ‘Coach Whisperer’ who has mentored NRL coaches including Kevin Walters to help provide a “winning edge” is now claimed to have brought dying patients back from the brink.

Bradley Charles Stubbs claims that by sending a simple voice recording to seriously ill Covid patients in ICU, he transformed them from being critically ill on 95 per cent oxygen support to breathing on their own within days – and the families backup his claims, saying his 11th-hour messages saved their lives.

Stubbs is an intriguing but controversial figure who has been credited with helping the Sydney Roosters scoop the 2018 grand final.

He’s a mate of Kevvie Walters and has worked with him during the State of Origin. He lives by the single-minded, unbending mantra “expect to win – done, done, done”.

He has also worked with rugby union coaches Michael Cheika (Australia) and Eddie Jones (England). He also coaches people in the corporate world.

Motivational guru Bradley Charles Stubbs claims his voice recordings have helped bring seriously ill people back to good health.

The motivational guru is intense and focused, and is speaking out on his move into the medical world for the first time. When working with patients he places great faith in the science of belief.

“Belief is a living energy, which is physics,” he said. “You can increase frequency, through physics, in the subconscious mind. It’s not motivation, it’s about transferring physics, at a high frequency, to the person I’m working with, through their heart, their body, their soul and mind.

“While working on the patient, it is vital that the relatives, doctors, nurses don’t negate the frequency.

“I therefore ensure the family are not having a ‘pity party’ but instead are only focusing positive thoughts and words around the patient to ensure the high level of positive healing frequency is maintained. The recording of the program remains on loop, through headphones to the patient.

“The doctors don’t know I’m working with the patient and I ensure any discussions about the patient are done outside the patient’s room.”

The exact wording of what is on the recording remains undisclosed but Sydney real estate agents Imam Sayed and Joyce Boustani, who have worked with Stubbs in a corporate capacity, both claim a call to their mentor helped save the lives of family members.

Ms Boustani said her brother, Albert, who was fit and healthy, was struck down with Covid, and it hit hard.

“He was in ICU and we were distraught. On September 1 the doctor called us and said ‘You need to come to the hospital now. Albert is critical and he’s on maximum oxygen and could have hours left’,” Ms Boustani said.

She said that thanks to Stubbs’ intervention, by September 7 Albert was fast improving and responsive, and two days later he was breathing on his own.

By the 21st, Albert was out of ICU and on the 29th he went home.

“Albert is back to himself and doing well,” Joyce said last week.

“We are so grateful.”

Mr Sayed said when his father, Nazih, was struck down by Covid and seriously ill in ICU, he also turned to Stubbs.

“I’ll admit that before I heard about Albert I would have had no faith in anything like this,” he said.

“Doctors had said he was very ill and we were called to ICU as it was believed he wouldn’t survive. The call to Bradley was more about getting strategies to help myself and the family deal with the trauma. I had worked with him in my profession. The recording was played to Dad and miraculously he started to recover. His breathing slowly improved and now Dad, who is59, is back home and doing well."

The ‘Coach Whisperer’ said that working with patients is similar to what he has done with coaches in sport, which is to retrain the subconscious mind.

The Department of Health and the Therapeutics Goods Administration were contacted for comment.

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